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Electrical Grounding Training

Electrical Grounding Training For Industrial Power Systems


This Electrical Grounding training course is founded on the NEC/CEC and is designed to give you the correct information you need to design, install and maintain effective electrical grounding systems in industrial, commercial and institutional power systems.

One of the most important AND least understood sections of the NEC/CEC is the section on Electrical Grounding.

This course will address all changes on Electrical Grounding & Bonding included in the NEC/CEC

The NEC/CEC recognizes materials other than Copper for uses as a Electrical Grounding Conductor in ten different articles of the code. It also addresses corrosion issues in new added Subrule.

There are new Sub rules on Bonding Conductors that bonds fixed equipment. Some other Sub rules have been amalgamated into a new rule. One of the most important changes has been that the new code does not favor “water Pipe” as a grounding electrode. Some other rules have been modified to require alarm indicator installation to indicate a fault on certain systems.

Some other Sections have been changed to be consistent with the rest of the code in particular the Ground Fault Circuit interrupters. Changes have been made to Station Grounding, to meet the maximum permissible Resistance of Station Grounding Electrode. Some of the requirements for driven Ground Rods were deleted, to be consistent with NEC/CEC standards.

Learning Outcomes

  • Focus On Specific Electrical Grounding And Bonding Problems And Negative Consequences \
  • Participate In A Discussion Of Electrical Grounding And Bonding Problems And How To Overcome Or Avoid Them
  • Gain A Firm Foundation Of Knowledge For Your Next Project Involving Electrical Grounding And Bonding
  • Develop Your Knowledge Of Theory And Practice
  • The Requirements Of The National Electrical and Canadian Electrical Code
  • Specific Grounding Problems, Installations And Canadian Electrical Code Requirements
  • Testing Procedures For Industrial, Commercial And Institutional Electric Power Electrical Grounding Systems
  • Practical Solutions To Grounding Problems
  • Work More Safely And Efficiently
  • Make Fewer Installation Mistakes And Pass Inspections More Easily
  • Be More Aware Of The Benefits Of Good Grounding And Bonding Systems
  • Be Better Prepared To Design Your Next Electrical Grounding And Bonding System

Program Highlights

  • Electrical Grounding Overview
  • Grounding Electrode System
  • System and Circuit Grounding
  • Resistance Grounding
  • Grounding of Generator to Supply Emergency Power
  • Bonding
  • Renewable- Solar Photovoltaic Systems (PV) and Wind Power System
  • Grounding Computer Rooms/SCADA Systems
  • Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) on Electronic Circuits
  • Lightning Protection